Former U.S. military attaché in Athens declares Greece “poor” and causes scandal

3 weeks ago

Former U.S. military attaché in Athens Robert Palm provoked a scandal by declaring Greece a beggar on Twitter.

Palm took part in a discussion on social networks about the purchase by Greece of frigates for the country’s navy. One of the Twitter users posted photos of different naval vessels with the caption “What I wanted” and “What I will get”. Palm commented on the tweet with the phrase “Beggars can’t choose,” which sparked an angry response from Greek internet users.

Palm later deleted his message and apologized for it. He explained that he had not thought through his comment and admitted it was offensive.

It is noted that in September 2020, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced Athens’ plans to purchase four advanced multi-purpose frigates. Among the main contenders were American and French naval vessels.

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