Fossils of a previously unknown dinosaur species have been found

3 months ago

Argentine scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur, which was named Llukalkan aliocranianus.

It is specified that the remains of the dinosaur were found in the Argentinean formation of Bajo de la Carpa, not far from the famous discovery of fossils in La Invernada.

Hallada en Argentina una nueva especie de dinosaurio carnívoro, el Llukalkan aliocranianus era uno of los principales depredadores de la Patagonia hace 80 millones de años, medía hasta 5 meters de longitud and estaba dotado de una poderosa mandíbula y enormes pezuñas.
- Moises Lopez (@chapoisat) March 31, 2021

Llukalkan from the Mapuche Indians language means “one who causes fear,” and aliocranianus from Latin means “another skull.” According to the researchers, this dinosaur species belonged to the family Abelisauridae. It is similar to Tyrannosaurus.

This species lived about 80 million years ago. The dinosaur’s carcass was five meters long. The predator had sharp teeth, huge claws, and an advanced sense of smell. Llukalkan aliocranianus differed from its “relatives” by a small posterior sinus in the middle ear, filled with air, which means that this species had acute hearing.