Found an unusual use for an iPhone charger

3 weeks ago

An engineer from Berlin managed to save a drowned iPhone with the help of a charger. The author reported about it in his Twitter.

Frederik Riedel said that he was walking with a friend on the waterfront when he accidentally dropped his iPhone 12 Pro into the canal. According to Riedel, the device plunged about a meter into the muddy water and there was no way to get it out. “Instead of a smartphone, he found a Nintendo Switch console in the water,” the author noted.

Riedel later realized that the Apple smartphone had a powerful magnet and found an unusual use for it. The buddies assembled a homemade fishing line from a MagSafe wireless charging adapter, lowered it into the water and were able to hook and pull the iPhone 12 Pro out of the pond. “Yeah, cool. And the smartphone still works,” the blogger concluded.

Found an unusual use for an iPhone charger

According to the author, the smartphone continued to function because it has moisture protection. However, the Switch console they found by accident failed to start.

MagSafe – a standard for wireless charging iPhone, introduced by Apple in October. The special accessory is attached to the magnet located in the smartphones of the iPhone 12 series – this is done for the best contact between the phone and the charger.

Previously, American cardiologists have noticed that the magnets in modern smartphones can affect the operation of implanted cardiac equipment. However, during the tests it turned out that phones and other smart devices do not pose a great danger to health.