Four-Screen Television Utilization Comes To Nielsen

Four-screen measurement is now available in the very first instance with information on the consumption of viewers across traditional TV connected TV, desktops and mobile devices as part of Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings.

It’s due to a collaboration with a large OTT accessibility platform.

This would be Roku.

That means that marketers who run advertisements on Roku could duplicate their impact and reach across the four screens of the house, Nielsen explains.

Nielsen Four-Screen Ad Duplication will be initially available within Nielsen Total Ad Ratings and will “underpin audience deduplication” in the coming Nielsen ONE cross-media measurement platform which is scheduled to launch in December 2022.

The measurement is accessible through Roku. Roku platform, including all Roku media streaming through OneView and video content that are available through Roku Ad Framework certified channels, Nielsen says.

OneView is Roku’s advertising platform specifically designed for TV streaming is integrated directly with Nielsen’s measurement service.

Roku as well as Nielsen first collaborated in the year 2016 with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings measure in the year 2016.

“We believe that all TV ads will be accountable and measurable,” said Asaf Davidov, the Head of Ad Measurement and Research at Roku. “Our direct consumer relationship, our scale, and our tech all make us uniquely positioned to work with Nielsen to make measurement simpler and more accurate as marketers shift spend to TV streaming.”

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