Fox News: Host uses Hurricane Ian to action on climate change

JESSE WATTERS (HOST) JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Florida is in the midst of a state of emergency as it is frantically trying to find a way to hold it down in the days before the hurricane Ian hits the shores. The storm is a huge deal. So what did Joe Biden call Ron DeSantis to make sure they were on the same with Ron DeSantis?…

The reason Joe isn’t chatting with the head of the state about to suffer the ravages of this natural catastrophe is because he’s got all of this covered by the Inflation Reduction Act. Senator Amy Klobuchar laid it out for us to see clearly. You don’t have to be concerned about it, since this legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act and voting for Democrats will help end hurricanes. Listen.


Sen. AMY KLOBUCHAR: We’ve done an act about climate change, for the very first time in a long time. We need to beat this storm as it is threatening Florida. We’ve got to win the midterm elections. We know that.


Is it me or is Amy telling you that if you decide to vote Democrat she’ll take you to Florida and then destroy the hurricane by herself? I’m just asking.

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