Fox News: US Protests – “High-Performance Attacks on Trump Voters”

The current unrest in the United States is not a chaotic reaction to the death of a black man, but deliberate attempts to deprive Donald Trump of power, Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes. The journalist notes that the electorate of the Republicans suffers from the attacks of the protesters: police, Christians and small entrepreneurs – while the crowd has no complaints against the FBI, Muslims and large corporations.

Trump’s deepest instincts were – and still remain! – on the side of order, tradition and stability. However, when large-scale looting and unrest began, the president did not act as decisively as many had hoped. He spoke little, but did even less. Some voters felt unprotected, some turned against him.

Why did this happen? There are many reasons. In particular, Trump was exhausted after he had to fend off the “Rashageit” for three years – the most skillful and effective hoax in American history. And his employees did little to help him. Some actively betrayed him, most were simply baffled. They were clearly not ready for Chinese viruses or burning cities.

But the main thing: the administration had problems with understanding. Apparently, few were aware of what was actually happening.

Their first mistake was that they forgot Washington’s basic rule: in an election year, all events are related to the election. There are no exceptions to this rule. Washington is a political city controlled by politicians. If in the fall of the election year, the Chinese navy entered the Potomac, most Washington residents would first think about how this would affect the turnout. Such people they are, so they think.

Therefore, only the naive were surprised when the Democratic governors immediately used the coronavirus quarantine to punish people who did not vote for them. Christian churches and small businesses were locked up, while marijuana and abortion shops remained open.

Most Trump voters did not seem to notice. They agreed to the restrictions without asking questions. It was a health crisis, and they wanted to behave properly. And they obeyed, hid in their homes. This is exactly what the democratic leadership wanted from them: that they be cut off from each other, atomized and lonely. The few conservatives who tried to resist the regime of self-isolation were charged or threatened with arrest.

None of this, of course, had anything to do with public health; it was an election policy in its particularly rude form.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Republican Party was amazingly slow in understanding what was happening. Some of these people are not very smart, but most simply could not imagine such a degree of cynicism and ruthlessness. Their free will made them vulnerable to the lies of the enemy. They were used.

In the days following George Floyd’s death, the same trends were gaining momentum. Everything happened so fast that it seemed like chaos. But it was not chaos. Underneath all this was a plan.

Think about which targets the aggressive crowd has chosen. Law enforcement, of course! But not all law enforcement agencies. Local police departments must be liquidated, they said. And to the FBI no complaints! And it was indicative.

Then they declared capitalism an enemy. But only some types of capitalism. The aggressive crowd burned down many independent enterprises, but did not say a word about the digital competitors of these enterprises – Google, Apple and Amazon. All of these companies funded the destruction.

Then an aggressive crowd declared that traditional Christianity was racism. They desecrated churches in the name of revenge for slavery. However, not one Antifa mosque was even touched. Although, according to historians, Muhammad was a slave owner.

All this time, Democrats continued to lecture on firearms control. They always do that. But they ignored the rifles in the hands of their own supporters in downtown Seattle. The real threat, they assured us, was that they were residents of the American hinterland with the AR-15. We should let the FBI go at them! Arrest more farmers!

In other words, what looked like protests was, in fact, highly effective attacks on voters of Donald Trump, on the pillar of his power. Few in Washington saw this clearly, at least the few right-wingers. If they had seen, they would have told the country what was really happening. No, it’s not about George Floyd, not about police brutality. This is a violent seizure of power by extremists.