France asks EU not to recognize Russian and Chinese vaccines against COVID

France asks European Union countries not to recognize vaccines against coronavirus from Russia and China, stated Clément Bon, state secretary at the French Foreign Ministry.

According to Bon, people in France should only receive vaccines in which the authorities are confident of their effectiveness. Now there are only four such drugs recognized in Europe and France, he pointed out.

“With regard to a number of other vaccines, in particular Russian and Chinese vaccines, France is telling its partners: ‘Be careful, say no to these vaccines,'” Bohn said.

He also responded to a question about air travel with Russia. Bohn recalled that France regularly updates the lists of countries categorized as green, orange and red depending on the situation with the coronavirus. France has no plans to cancel flights from other countries if the epidemiological situation there deteriorates. Strict monitoring of the presence of negative PCR tests will continue, with tests on arrival if necessary.

“And as a last resort, passenger compliance with the quarantine checked by the authorities, which is what is done in France for arrivals from red list countries,” summarized Bohn.