France to build a new nuclear aircraft carrier

France to build a new nuclear aircraft carrier

Macron said that a new nuclear aircraft carrier will be built in France by 2038.

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuelle Macron announced that France would build a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that would replace the Charles de Gaulle by 2038, the Independent wrote.

Macron formulated the decision to use nuclear reactors to propel a future warship as part of France’s climate strategy, highlighting its lower emissions compared to diesel fuel.

Speaking at a nuclear facility in the Burgundy town of Le Creseau, he called French nuclear weapons and nuclear power “the cornerstone of our strategic autonomy” and said that the nuclear sector plays a role in “France’s status as a great power.

One of his advisors noted that the presence of an aircraft carrier also helps France spread its influence in the world. Only a few countries in the world maintain huge expensive ships.

According to the French President’s advisors, the new French aircraft carrier will weigh about 70,000 tons and will be 300 meters long, which is about 1.5 times more than the “Charles de Gaulle”, which in recent years was used for international military operations in Iraq and Syria.

According to advisors, its guns will be electromagnetic, American-made, and the ship will be designed to accommodate next-generation combat aircraft and will serve until about 2080.
The price was not mentioned, but, according to the French media, it will cost about 7 billion euros (8.5 billion dollars).