France urged to cancel Christmas

The traditional celebrations of Christmas and New Years this year need to be canceled due to the likely outbreak of coronavirus. With such an appeal was made by the head of one of the Parisian hospitals Julien Lenglet (Julien Lenglet).

Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, he said, could be “a giant multi-generational cluster that will fuel a potential new wave” of COVID-19. “I would say without any hesitation that we should cancel Christmas and Saint Sylvester’s Day (as they call December 31 in France – approx.,” said the director of the hospital, Privé d’Antoni.

In France, at the end of October, due to the situation with the coronavirus, a second national quarantine was introduced. The country has closed entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, canceled mass events. At the same time, a number of policymakers and health experts hope that the restrictive measures will lead to a decrease in the incidence of illness, allowing for a fairly calm environment for the Christmas season.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in France, more than 1.85 million people have been infected with the coronavirus, of which 41 thousand have died. The country has overtaken Russia and is currently the fourth in the world in terms of the number of cases after the USA, India and Brazil.