11 months ago

France will introduce a two-week quarantine for persons arriving from Britain

11 months ago

France, in response to the decision of the British authorities, will introduce a two-week quarantine for persons arriving from the United Kingdom, starting on 8 June

Thus, the day before British Home Secretary Pritie Patel announced that from June 8, almost all people entering the country will have to observe a 14-day quarantine. Violators face a fine of £1,000 ($1,218).

Exceptions to the new rule apply only to Irish citizens, as well as people who deliver goods into the country, medical professionals entering for work and seasonal workers who are involved in the agricultural sector.

The French authorities reacted by announcing that Paris would introduce mirror measures.

“We take note of and regret the decision of the British Government. France is ready to respond as soon as the new rules come into force on the British side,” the French Interior Ministry said, informs The Local.

Thus, a 14-day self-isolation obligation will be introduced for all those arriving in France from Britain, starting from June 8.

Travellers coming from the United Kingdom, regardless of their nationality, will have to undergo a 14-day self-isolation period from the moment the 14-day self-isolation requirement comes into force,” the French Embassy in Britain said.

Exceptions are provided for: crew members performing passenger and cargo flights, international cargo transportation, medical personnel who help fight against COVID-19, employees of diplomatic missions and in several other cases.

France will introduce a two-week quarantine for persons arriving from Britain

The Embassy’s communication also indicated that the French Government would apply such mirror measures to all countries that would require quarantine upon arrival on their territory.

For example, from Monday, 25 May, travellers arriving from Spain will be asked to undergo a voluntary quarantine, as that country has introduced similar measures for nationals from other States on 15 May.

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