French court releases woman who killed rapist husband

The story of Valérie Bako, who murdered her rapist husband after 20 years of abuse, has come to an end in France.

Valerie was released from custody Friday night and left court to applause from people supporting her.

Valerie Bako was facing a life sentence. The court eventually imposed a sentence of: 4 years, of which 3 were suspended. Since the woman had already served a year in prison, she was released.

“I would like to thank the court and all the support I received from everyone. It’s time for a new fight for all the other women and against abuse,” Bako said as she left the courtroom.

Valerie Bako has been abused since she was 12 years old by her stepfather, Daniel Paulette. At 17, she became pregnant, and her stepfather began living with her as his wife. He took complete power over Valerie, forced her into prostitution, threatened her and beat her all the time.

The woman decided to commit murder in 2016 when the stepfather began molesting their joint daughter. She shot Paulette and buried the body in the woods with her children. She was arrested a year later.