10 months ago

French journalist predicted US collapse

10 months ago

The United States is threatened with collapse due to the “suicidal” policies of US leader Donald Trump, Le Figaro columnist Nicolas Bavre said.

In an article entitled “Disconnected States of America,” the journalist writes that 30 years after the collapse of the USSR, the United States faces the same fate. The reason is President Donald Trump, who plunges the country into civil war.

According to Bavre, the States are tearing apart four crises at once. Thus, the coronavirus pandemic in the country, which claimed the lives of more than 110 thousand citizens, has become for Americans a kind of modern Pearl Harbor, the journalist writes. A difficult epidemiological situation and subsequent lockdown led to economic problems – massive unemployment and a drop in GDP.

He emphasizes that against this background, the country is torn apart by racial protests and riots over the death of African-American George Floyd, reminiscent of the events of 1968 after the murder of human rights activist Martin Luther King. At the same time, Trump’s populism and the desire to suppress demonstrators with the help of the army plunge the country into chaos, Bavre believes.

The journalist is sure that the attempts of the head of the White House to put pressure on Congress and the defense department, contrary to the foundations of the rule of law, are destroying the country’s system of deterrence and balances.

At the same time, Trump is re-elected for a second term due to the weakness of his main rival in the presidential race, former US Vice President Joe Biden, notes Bavre.

Mass protests in the United States began May 25 in Minneapolis, where 46-year-old local resident George Floyd died as a result of a hard detention by police.

On June 2, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet stated that riots in the US underscored police violence and racial inequality in the country.

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