French lawmaker posted on Twitter on Trump’s behalf

French lawmaker posted on Twitter on Trump's behalf

The social network Twitter blocked the profile of the French MP Joachim Son-Forge, who was publishing as US President Donald Trump.

It is noted that shortly before the administration of the social network reported to block Trump’s account permanently, the profile of the French politician appeared in the name and photo of the American president.

In particular, one of the tweets published on behalf of Trump contained just one word: “help”.

It is reported that Son-Forge, a native of South Korea, who represents the interests of French citizens living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in Parliament, is not the first time he finds himself in a similar situation.

For example, last April the data in the deputy’s profile were changed to a photo and personal information about French President Emmanuel Macron.

Messages were published from the deputy’s profile within hours, some of which expressed agreement with Trump’s high-profile statements that China was responsible for the spread of the pandemic coronavirus.