French rapist mayor leads city from jail

1 week ago

Georges Tron, the French politician and mayor of Dravey, was imprisoned for raping and sexually abusing a city hall employee. He was sentenced to five years in prison, but despite this he continues to lead the city.

French rapist mayor leads city from jail

Feminist groups and French politicians were outraged that Tron is being allowed to run the city from his cell. Tron has refused to leave his post after his imprisonment and continues to perform his duties by exchanging letters with his team. He calls his incarceration only an “obstacle.”

A letter from the mayor about the budget was heard at last week’s city council meeting. It angered the opposition.

Gabrielle Boury-Charles of the opposition group Transition Démocratique, Écologique et Sociale said that Tron no longer has the “moral authority” to run the city. Feminist groups came out to protest.

Georges Tron himself, who is 63 years old, rejected all the accusations and appealed to the French High Court of Justice. Because of this appeal, incidentally, the government refused to issue a decree for his dismissal.