“Friends” star has stage 4 cancer

American actor James Michael Tyler, known for his role as Gunther on “Friends,” announced that he has stage 4 prostate cancer and can no longer walk.

He appeared on the Today show Monday to talk about his cancer treatment. He was diagnosed in September 2018, he shared, but since then the disease has spread to his bones and he can no longer walk. He is undergoing chemotherapy and other types of treatment.

"Friends" star has stage 4 cancer

“I was diagnosed with late-stage prostate cancer that had spread to my bones,” Tyler said. I’ve been dealing with this diagnosis for almost the last three years. It’s stage 4 now, late stage cancer.

At first, Tyler was treated with hormone therapy and felt fine. However, during the pandemic, things changed when he “missed the test,” his cancer mutated and he developed broken bones and tumors along his spine. This resulted in paralysis of his lower body. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy, which is “aggressively” fighting the disease. Tyler said he regrets not listening to his wife, who has been his “strong suit in all of this.” According to him, 99% of this cancer is curable in its earlier stages.