11 months ago

From June 8, a 14-day quarantine will be introduced for visitors to Britain

11 months ago

Starting from June 8, almost all persons entering the UK will be required to comply with a 14-day quarantine.

Both foreigners and Britons coming from abroad will have to be self-isolated for two weeks, providing the authorities with information about their whereabouts.

This is necessary to enable the authorities to ensure that the quarantine is maintained. The inspections will be spot checks.

Violators will face a £1,000 ($1,218) fine.

Exceptions to the new rule apply to Irish citizens, as well as people transporting goods into the country, medical personnel entering for work and seasonal workers who are involved in the agricultural sector.

“We are now past the peak of the virus and we must take action to protect against the importation of this deadly disease,” Patel said.

It is worth noting that such measures were previously criticized by the aviation industry. In particular, the executive director of the Irish airline Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, said that the British government for many weeks incorrectly responded to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and the 14-day quarantine policy for tourists “idiotic”.

According to him, the quarantine policy is out of control. “It’s idiotic, and it’s impossible to implement,” O’Leary said.

“What worries us is that the UK government is talking about an ineffective and impossible 14-day self-imposed quarantine instead of allowing people to travel in subways, trains and airplanes in masks,” he added.

He criticized the government’s quarantine initiative and Tim Alderslade, executive director of Airlines UK (an industry organisation representing domestically registered airlines).

“Quarantine does not make sense at this stage and will mean very limited international air traffic … This is the worst thing that the government can do if its goal is to restart the economy,” he stressed.

According to The Guardian, the British government plans to review the restrictive measures every three weeks. The possibility of concluding agreements on “air corridors” with countries with better epidemiological situation is being considered (passengers from such countries may not have to go through quarantine).

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