Fun “Black lives matter” continues

During the celebration of Independence Day in Baltimore (Maryland), US citizens dropped a monument to Christopher Columbus from a pedestal. Then the statue was recessed in the bay. The reason – the Spanish navigator was one of the first to oppress the indigenous peoples of the mainland.

In the US capital, protesters burned the American flag right after President Donald Trump spoke. At the same time, slogans were heard against “slavery, genocide and war” and “America has never been a great country.” This was told by the journalists of the NBC channel. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, but no one was detained.

In Seattle, riots still continue at night. Police control the city only during daylight hours. Over the past two days, about 30 people were detained, all white.

In Portland, law enforcement officers are fired at using fireworks. Police stations were attacked, and last night protesters tried to seize the building of the prosecutor’s office. The monument to the first US president – Washington – was demolished here on June 19. At the same time, banknotes with the image of George are not yet embarrassed by Black Life matter activists.

Often protests reach the point of absurdity. In the city of Richmond (Virginia), someone sprayed paint on a monument to black tennis player Arthur Ash. Unknown vandals with a spray can of paint left on the monument the slogan WLM – White Lives Matter.