Diamondbacks against. Dodgers, 10:10 ET

Yesterday was a great day. You can’t discern because there isn’t a Sarcasm font. However, it was the sarcasm. I only went two or three yesterday. I made a poor call about Lance Lynn, or at least , I backed him in an unfavourable position. The other outcome came from the Cubs first five-moneyline. What did happen? I didn’t think you’d ever ask! Stroman was pitching well and so was Marlins pitcher Luzardo the fourth and an a half innings of scoreless play were recorded. The bottom of the fifth with a leadoff double. Home run. Out. Home run. As when I saw that double I knew that my bet was over. Today is the day.

Zac Gallen is down to 10th place in his position on the ERA race, however Zac Gallen is still enjoying one of the top years of any pitching coach in the current season. After his streak of scoreless games ended two weeks ago in Colorado He did effectively against the Padres during his most recent outing. He pitched 5.1 innings and only allowed two runs earned. He allowed the only home run in the last two weeks since the 13th of July which could be a problem. Everyone knew that the stretch that he went through in August was likely to be not sustainable, but he’s still throwing very well. Even though he is with the same team, he’s only faced the Dodgers only once. He pitched six innings at home, and only allowed two hits and two earned runs. The Diamondbacks took the win 3-1, however Gallen was not a factor in the outcome.

Julio Urias is pitching for the Dodgers. After winning 20 games last season He has a decent chance of winning again this season. In this day and age of pitchers being ejected immediately, Urias is one of the few who appears to be a factor in decisions significantly. He’s won on 10 occasions in his recent 11 starts. In his last start, he suffered an unbeatable loss. In reality, there have been just four games in which Urias not had a decision to make in. He’s been a great overall player throughout the season and is probably one of the best pitchers on the field If we’re being sincere. He’s likely to be often overlooked due to his position with the Dodgers. He’s had one appearance with the Diamondbacks and he pitched six innings and gave up one hit, which was an individual shot. The game also featured Gallen and was one of Urias’s no decision.

I believe this is a game that scores low. I had hoped for the score to be reported at 6.5 However, it’s at 7. I wouldn’t be too shocked if it’s because the experts think Gallen is likely to fall slightly against the hard Dodgers lineup. I believe he’s able to keep them down to a manageable number of runs, and Urias will take care of the remainder. I’ll take a shot at 7 under at -105.

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