Gantz to Abbas: Help overthrow Netanyahu

3 weeks ago

On Tuesday, March 30, Kahol Lavan Chairman Beni Gantz met with RAAM head Mansour Abbas.
The head of the Ministry of Defense urged him to help overthrow Binyamin Netanyahu.
“The only way to prevent Netanyahu from remaining in power is to form an honest government without him and appoint a Knesset speaker chosen by the bloc of change. All of this must be done quickly, because while we are arguing, Bibi is working,” Gantz wrote on Twitter.
He warned Abbas and Yamin leader Naftali Bennett that Netanyahu is “using them.” According to Gantz, they could become “Netanyahu hostages” if they agree to join a right-wing government.
Earlier it was also revealed that Gantz persuaded Mansur Abbas not to recommend Yair Lapid as prime minister.

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