Gates accused US authorities of high “anti-mask” sentiments of the population

It came as a surprise to the billionaire that the need for a mask would spark a fierce debate in American society.

American billionaire Bill Gates said that the “anti-mask” sentiment in the United States is much higher than in other countries, and that the current leadership of the country is to blame for this.

“Skepticism about the necessity of wearing masks, as well as the view that this is a political act, is worse in the United States than in other countries,” Gates said.

He noted that he was surprised by the “anti-mask” sentiment in America.

“Is this happening because of our current leadership, or do we think so? It’s hard to say. I didn’t expect wearing a mask would cause such controversy,” Gates said.

He criticized the White House for failing to create a task force that could form strong public opinion on countering the coronavirus.

“I did not expect the administration to find the most daring opinion possible and present that opinion as the leader of the coronavirus task force,” Gates said.

He also expressed concern about widespread conspiracy theories about his financial interest in developing a vaccine, stating, “They are not true.”

Recall that Bill Gates compared mask deniers with nudists.