Gay penguins who have hatched an egg thrown by their mother will become fathers for the second time

10 months ago

A charming gay couple of penguins from the Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium has already hatched one egg – and now the second is on the line

Sphen and Magic are the cutest creatures in the world. According to Sea Life staff, a year ago Sphen made a proposal to the partner “in the language of penguin love” and presented a “special stone” in the shape of a heart. Since then they have been inseparable.

When the penguins noticed that one of the females threw their egg, they took matters into their own hands (more precisely, flippers) and in October 2018, after a 68-day wait, they became fathers. A baby named Sendjik literally glorified the couple all over the world. Her parents were even mentioned in the third season of Netflix’s “Atypical” series, giving Sphen and Magic even more dedicated fans.

According to the employees of the aquarium, the newly-made fathers surrounded Spendzhik with absolute love and care – and soon they can become parents again.

“They have the most neat and clean nest in the entire colony. – explains Tish Hannan, who works in the aquarium. “When we noticed that the other couple could not cope with hatching two eggs at the same time, we decided to give the second for adoption to our super-couple.” “Maybe in a few weeks Spenjik will have a brother or sister, but maybe not. She emphasizes. “We have not yet figured out whether the egg is fertile.”

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