George Clooney admitted that he is forbidden by his wife

George Clooney admitted that he is forbidden by his wife

Actor George Clooney has admitted that his wife Amal has not allowed him to ride scooters since he nearly crashed in Italy in 2018.

The actor was involved in an accident while riding a scooter on the island of Sardinia while filming the American mini-series Catch-22. His injuries were not serious, Clooney was taken to the hospital and discharged after a few hours. But it was enough for his wife.

“I was lucky there. I collided with a car at 70 mph, flipped in the air and landed on my knees. I could have landed on any other part of my body and died,” Clooney was quoted as saying by The Independent.

Another close encounter with death happened to the actor in South Sudan. That’s when the actor and his camera crew were stopped by hijackers and had guns pointed at their heads – they wanted to rob a truck.

“It’s moments like this when you learn how fragile life is,” Clooney noted.

Earlier, George Clooney “played out” to the point of hospitalization over a new movie. The actor was so into losing weight for the role in his own film “Midnight Sky” that he earned an attack of pancreatitis, with which he was taken to a hospital bed.