George Clooney “played” to the point of hospitalization because of the new movie

George Clooney "played" to the point of hospitalization because of the new movie

Four days before the start of filming the movie “Midnight Sky” based on the novel “Good Morning, Midnight” by Lily Brooks-Dolton, George Clooney was in the hospital because of an attack of pancreatitis. A radical method of losing weight for the role led to this – the actor and film director lost almost 30 pounds of weight (more than 12 kilograms).

“I think I tried too hard to lose weight quickly and probably didn’t take care of myself,” Clooney admitted to The Mirror.

According to the plot of the sci-fi drama Midnight Sky, Clooney plays a cancer-stricken astronomer who battles the elements at his remote snow-covered station to contact the crew of a spaceship and warn them of disaster.

But four days before filming, Clooney was rushed to the hospital with excruciating abdominal pain and was diagnosed with pancreatitis and spent several days in the clinic. George was scheduled to fly to the Arctic to shoot and star in the film alongside British actors Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo.

“We were on this glacier in Finland, which made the job a lot harder. But it certainly helped with the role. It’s bigger than anything I’ve done before, and it felt like something impossible. But, you know, it was fun,” the actor and director said of his new film work.

Clooney added that not only did he have to lose weight because of the role, but he also had to grow a beard, which his wife Amal didn’t like very much.

“I grew a big ugly beard. My son really liked it because he would hide things in it that I didn’t know about until the set. And there I noticed that I had ice cream stuck in my beard, for example. And my wife and daughter were happy when it was over, because it was very hard to find a face under all that mess,” George joked.

Earlier, Clooney recalled giving close friends $1 million each. He admitted how in 2013, after receiving an unexpectedly large fee for his role in Gravity, he decided to thank his close friends for how they helped him early in his career.