George Clooney wrote an open essay on racism and protests in the usa

11 months ago

George Clooney, like many other celebrities, decided to express his opinion about what is happening in the United States. In the large cities of America, the protests that provoked the death of George Floyd, which came as a result of the actions of a policeman, have not subsided for 10 days. The actor wrote an essay for The Daily Beast, in which he shared his thoughts on racism. So, Clooney recalls the 1992 event that took place in Los Angeles. Then the jury acquitted four white police officers who brutally beat the black builder Rodney King.

“We do not yet know when these protests will stop. We hope and pray that during these events no one will die. But we also know in advance that practically nothing will change. The rage and frustration that we see on our streets is just a reminder of how little we have developed as a country after the terrible dark spot in our history called slavery. The fact that we no longer sell or buy other people is not a cause for pride at all. We need systemic changes in law enforcement and the judiciary.

There is no doubt that George Floyd was killed. This is our own pandemic. It affects us all, and after 400 years, we still have not found a vaccine for this. It seems that we generally stopped looking for a way to recover and are trying to cope with this disease each time individually. And we definitely can’t cope. So this week, when you think about what to do to solve these problems, just remember who created them. There is only one way to make a difference in this country: vote, ”writes George Clooney.

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