George Floyd’s brother supported the protests and condemned the riots in the United States

11 months ago

According to him, George Floyd was not a hero, but became the face of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Filonis Floyd, brother of George Floyd, who died in custody, said he supported peaceful protests against racism and police violence. However, condemns the riots, robberies and the destruction of other people’s property, reports Voice of America.

According to Filonis, his brother “was not the hero of this story, but became the face of the problem that needs to be solved.”

“We must make sure that no one is afraid of the police. We have good cops, but there are bad cops,” he said at a memorial ceremony.

“Therefore, we must vote. Go to meetings of city councils. We must unite. Step by step we will do everything as we want in our life,” Filonis Floyd emphasized.

On May 25, police detained 46-year-old African American George Floyd. The police called the owner of the store, who suspected that the client had faked a fake $ 20 bill for cigarettes.

During the arrest, police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck, the man complained that he could not breathe. Floyd died in intensive care, and a video of his detention hit the Internet.

On the night of May 22, protesters broke into the building of the police station in Minneapolis and set it on fire.

The four police officers who detained Floyd were fired on May 26. Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder, the rest are charged with aiding and abetting the murder.

The riots in the United States are accompanied by the robbery of shops and supermarkets, pogroms and arson of private and federal property. Curfews have been imposed in dozens of cities, and the National Guard has been introduced into cities to maintain order.

During the riots in the United States killed at least 11 people.

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