George Martin condemned Trump “urinated on democracy”

The author of the fantasy novels A Song of Ice and Fire, which is the basis of the TV series Game of Thrones, George Martin lashed out at Donald Trump because of the behavior of the US president in the debate.

Martin believes that Trump “dishonored the presidency last night” and “pissed on democracy.”

“Even putting aside all other issues – and there are critical issues that are being tackled this year, from race relations to climate change and the pandemic – yesterday’s ‘debate’ proved beyond doubt one thing. Joe Biden is a decent man, but Donald Trump is not “

Martin stated that he had “never seen anything like it” before. According to him, “it was disgusting, insulting, disgusting.”

The writer believes that Trump “misbehaved four years ago in a debate with Hillary Clinton, but yesterday he set new records of abusive, annoying and rude behavior.”

Martin criticized the US president for “boasting, raging, screaming, interrupting over and over and over again and not letting Joe Biden finish a single sentence.”

He accused Trump of “shocking lies”, “slander” and “personal attacks.” Martin believes that Trump has demonstrated “behavior unworthy of the president” and “unworthy of a presidential candidate.”