Georgia announced the winner of the US presidential election after a recount

The results of the recount in the state of Georgia of votes of citizens who voted in the US presidential elections confirmed the victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. This was reported on the website of Lieutenant Governor Brad Raffensperger.

It presents the results of secondary processing of just over 5 million ballots in all 159 counties of the state. The incumbent Republican President Donald Trump secured the support of 2,462,857 votes of citizens, Biden – 2,475,141. The gap was 12,284 votes.

For the first time, the offices of the Georgia Electoral Commission were able to process over 4.99 million ballots and declared the victory of a Democrat. Based on the initial tally, he garnered 12,780 more voters than the Republican. Raffensperger said that “the state’s first full audit confirmed” the accuracy of the counting and transmission of results by the new paper ballot processing system. The recount confirmed the name of the winner and should strengthen voters’ confidence in the vote, the GOP vice governor said.

According to The New York Times, Republicans have the right to demand another recount of votes in this state if the gap between the rivals is again within 0.5%. Then scanners will be used, assuming a high speed of processing ballots. The first recalculation was done manually.

The US presidential election was held on November 3. According to available information, leading American media announced the winner of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. In turn, Donald Trump said that the elections are still far from over, he is going to defend his victory in court.

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