German doctors will thank herring

11 months ago

The Netherlands will thank the German doctors who treated the Dutch with coronavirus, the first catch of herring. It is reported by Deutsche Welle.

It is noted that the Dutch Fish Trade Council decided to donate the first catch of herring to doctors from Germany who treated their patients with coronavirus. In particular, we are talking about doctors from the borderland of North Rhine-Westphalia, where in April they brought in infected people due to a lack of places. In total, during the pandemic, Germany received more than 100 patients from the Netherlands.

It is reported that the council will hand over about four thousand pickled herring “maatjes” to the Minister of Health of the land, Karl-Josef Lauman. The beginning of the season for catching this fish in the Netherlands is in June, and the first catch in previous years was auctioned for a lot of money.

In April, it was reported that the McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain decided to provide free lunch to ambulance workers in Russia.

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