German ministers refuse G7 ministerial meeting in the USA

German publication der Spiegel writes that German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz refused to offer the American side to attend the ministerial meeting, which was scheduled for July 29 in Washington ahead of the G7 summit. Spiegel refers to sources in government circles.

It is reported that both the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Finance of Germany refused to participate in ministerial meetings in Washington on the eve of the G7 summit. The German authorities only stated that they were ready to send the state secretaries of the relevant departments to these meetings.

Moreover, der Spiege writes that other G7 countries at the ministry level refused to participate in meetings in Washington. G7 EU members say Donald Trump will try to use the summit in his campaign.

In addition, the situation with the coronavirus in the United States leaves much to be desired, but Washington is not even considering an alternative – holding a videoconference of ministers.