“German Post” plans to deliver parcels to the moon from 2021

"German Post" plans to deliver parcels to the moon from 2021

Deutsche Post DHL, a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL, intends to start delivering parcels to the moon next year.

The parcels will be shipped at a place called “Lake of Death”. It is located in the northern part of the visible side of the moon. The company has already started accepting applications for the first batch of parcels.

For 460 dollars the client is offered to send a capsule half an inch wide to a natural satellite of the Earth. For an inch wide capsule will have to pay 1660 dollars. It is possible to send to the moon and more overall things, but it will cost much more. For example, a kilogram parcel will cost a client 1.2 million dollars.

According to the publication, the client will receive a detailed map of the lunar area, a photo and video with confirmation of delivery, as well as a name certificate. In this case, the container with the parcels will remain on board the machine, which will moon on the surface of the moon.

Recall that in early December, the Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e-5” collected the first batch of lunar soil. The geological rocks were laid at the depth of two meters. The last time such a valuable find was delivered to the Earth by Soviet spacecraft 44 years ago.