Germany sentenced man who killed his wife by driving demons out of her

11 months ago

German authorities convicted four people. They are charged with the death of a young woman who died in an exorcism ritual almost 4.5 years ago. One of the accused is the husband of the deceased. It is reported by ABC News.

The husband of a 22-year-old woman and three other defendants were charged with serious bodily harm, resulting in death for their alleged attempt to “cure” the victim’s infertility. They accused four people of the “joint murder” of a woman, who is called Nesmoy M. in the case, “using salt water designed to expel demons.” Authorities claim that Nesma M. was forced to drink large amounts of salt water from November 30 to December 7, 2015. She died in a Berlin hospital from pulmonary embolism and excess fluid in the brain. Prosecutors identified the perpetrators of her death: the victim’s husband, 34-year-old Wajdi H., his parents, 57-year-old Vidada A. and 58-year-old Mohammed H., as well as 49-year-old Mazen K., who is known as the “Islamic Wonderworker – healer”. Authorities do not divulge the names of those involved for privacy reasons.

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