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Giant invasive lizards are spreading rapidly in Florida and Georgia

Giant invasive lizards are spreading rapidly in Florida and Georgia

In addition to a deadly pandemic, Asian killer hornets and gypsy moths, the US may face a new challenge in 2020. These are giant invasive lizards that cause irreparable damage to local wildlife. It’s reported by the New York Post

The department is currently looking for wild lizards that can grow to a meter and a half long before they destroy Georgia’s wildlife. DNR wildlife biologist John Jensen said there are concerns that reptiles will “crowd out” the gopher turtle, a candidate for listing as an endangered species if they continue to spread across the state.

“They may have a negative impact on our indigenous species. They eat almost everything they want – plant and animal matter. And one of their favourite products is eggs,” Jensen said in a PSA video recently published by the department entitled “Have you seen Tegus in the wild in Georgia?

“We ask everyone who has seen this animal to inform us. This will help determine where to focus our catching efforts to eradicate this species,” Jensen said.

Jensen said lizards are ‘ordinary’ pets and warned the owners not to let them out in Georgia.

“If you’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t want this pet anymore, there are reptile adoption groups that can take it and try to find it a new home,” he said. – Taking her out into the wild is the worst thing to do.

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