Giant poisonous toads have bred in the south of the USA

11 months ago

In the spring of 2020, the United States suffered from the invasion of hornet killers and giant moths. Now a new misfortune has fallen to the south of the country. Giant toads bred here.

Rhinella marina or toad-aga – the second of the largest toads after Blomberg’s toad. Its length reaches 24 cm, and the mass can be more than a kilogram.

Adult toads are omnivorous and attack not only arthropods and other invertebrates, but also small lizards, chicks and animals the size of a mouse. Do not disdain carrion and garbage, and in the absence of food can cannibalism. Toads multiply rapidly – one female usually lays 4−35 thousand eggs.

Toxic poison: when an adult toad is disturbed, its glands secrete a milky white secret containing bufotoxins. The poison causes convulsions, vomiting, arrhythmias, increased blood pressure, sometimes temporary paralysis and death from cardiac arrest.

The invasion of giant toads began after heavy rains swept south of Florida. Locals fear for their pets: most often the victims of poisonous toads are dogs. In addition, if the summer is rainy, as forecasters predict, toads will breed even more.

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