Girl played piano during brain surgery – shocking video

Girl played piano during brain surgery - shocking video

A girl played the piano during brain surgery in India. A nine-year-old child underwent six hours of brain surgery, during which she was fully conscious.

Because of a complication, doctors realized it was too dangerous to leave her unconscious during the surgery, because the girl’s nerves could be damaged. To cope with the surgery while fully conscious, Saumia played the piano and played video games.

It is noted that the anesthetic was injected only into the part of the head that was cut for the operation. This guaranteed painlessness and by keeping the girl conscious, the doctors were able to assess her reaction and constantly check that she was okay.

According to Abhishek Chohan, one of the doctors at the Birla Institute for Medical Research who led the operation, this was the first time conscious craniotomy had been used on a child. Those who have undergone the procedure often rely on instruments to help doctors control movement.

Note that this is not the first such operation. In February of this year, 53-year-old British orchestra violinist Dagmar Turner was also playing her violin when doctors removed a tumor from her brain.

This was to make sure doctors didn’t damage the areas of her brain that controlled her arm movements and coordination, since Turner’s tumor was near the right frontal part of the brain that controls left arm movements. In 2017, an Indian musician who suffered from dystonia, causing his muscles to contract uncontrollably, experienced a similar experience. He was playing the guitar during brain surgery.