Giuliani announced details of Trump’s impeachment

Giuliani announced details of Trump's impeachment

The lawyer of incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump, Rudolph Giuliani, said that he is a representative of the White House team in the case of the second impeachment proceedings against him.

According to Giuliani, Trump is accused of calling for violent actions whenever he makes allegations of election fraud. This is reported by ABC news.

At the same time, the president’s lawyer stressed that the riots in Washington began long after Trump’s statements, which also does not allow to accuse the head of the White House of involvement in inciting unrest.

Giuliani also noted that the president’s team is working to provide evidence of election fraud, which would deprive the Democratic Party of the basis for the charges against Trump.

At the same time, during the proceedings, Trump is ready to testify in person about his speech to supporters in Washington and the riots that began afterwards.