Global Blackout On September 24 2022

There are fears circulating on TikTok because users are convinced that the world will be black to take place on September 24, 2022. Many users are enthralled by these theories and are planning in anticipation of world-ending events. Although these are all just speculations, they have created fear among social users of media.

TikTok is the home of weird theories and controversy. Recently, people have been creating bizarre speculations about the Queen’s resurrection and are now saying that the world will end on September 24 , 2022.

People online are putting all negative things with the date of ‘September 24 2022’. These theories has created a feeling of disorder across Facebook and other social media platforms. While there are people who consider these theories to be mere speculations, others cannot help believing them.

It’s not the first time we’ve encountered such bizarre ideas on the internet. In the past we’ve heard of Zombie Apocalypse and alien raids however nothing has transpired yet. These are all methods to gain opinions and likes via platforms like social networks. platforms.

Below we’ve detailed the reasons behind the reasons why there will be a worldwide blackout on September 24, 2022.

TikTok Users Reveal That They Are Going To Face Global Blackout On September 24 2022?

The latest theory that has increase the fear of users of the video-sharing app has revealed that the globe will be facing the possibility of a global blackout from September 24 , 2022.

Users have a belief in which the earth will turn dark by the date. There are those who believe that we’re all likely to be confronted with the Zombie Apocalypse while others think that the world will end due to a natural disaster.

Although all of these claims aren’t true innocent users of social media have been sucked into these flimsy claims. Users have even started discussing the issue on Twitter.

Here’s what users have to comment on this bizarre theory:

One user posted in Twitter, “There’s gonna be a big blackout, a global wide blackout for either a day or maybe three days or something”.

Another person said, “My mom keeps telling me her whole TikTok fyp is talking about a global blackout happening on the 24th and to get gas and food to prepare”.

“Global reset/blackout is imminent” Another user added the message.

“Saturday on September 24 Everyone will be able to be able to remember the day. A myriad of bizarre theories about”the greatest reset, or other supernatural things” was revealed by someone else.

“TikTok continues to play the videos I’ve uploaded to my Fyp concerning the global outage scheduled to take place on the 24th of September. I’m taking a vacation. What’s the matter” said another user.

Is The Global Blackout On September 24 2022 Theory True?

While a lot of users on social media have fallen for these conspiracy theories however, nothing will occur. Certain users have resisted the concept and attempted to raise awareness among people who rely on it.

Here’s how other users have responded to these conspiracy theories:

One person stated, “I can confirm that nothing is happening on September 24th.”

Another one was sarcastically stated, “September 24th is the new meme date for the end of the world now huh”.

“TikTok currently has everyone believing that something really bad is about to happen on Sept 24th” According to one report.

“I am reliably informed that on the 24th of September nothing is going to happen,” another user with a brain claimed.

To be exact To be exact, there’s no global blackout scheduled to occur on the 24th of September, 2022.┬áThese are just speculations and an old method to be in the social network world.

The Bottom Line

This is all about whether or the possibility of a global blackout likely to happen on the 24th of September, 2022. We hope that you don’t get caught up in such conspiracy theories in the future either.

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