Goodbye, Donald: Trump’s swan song

Goodbye, Donald: Trump's swan song

Without waiting for the inauguration, Donald Trump left the White House. But he didn’t go to the Capitol to see Biden. He just didn’t want to do it, thus blatantly breaking tradition. Where the 45th president of the United States went.

He left and didn’t promise to come back. The swan song of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump was written and rewritten for two days by himself, his aides and again by Trump. It was a difficult speech, a difficult challenge, a difficult defeat. As he himself said as he left the White House with his wife Melania.

Dozens of administration staffers saw him off. They poured out on the lawn and just quietly watched him get into the helicopter.

Only the guns were not silent. This is already at Andrews Air Force Base. Twenty-one volleys – the ultimate homage to the departing president. A farewell ceremony with servicemen. Presidential Air Force One is based here, and foreign delegations are also welcomed.

Nothing new from the above Trump added. The same “difficult farewell speech” was delivered to the enforcers on Capitol Hill. Its main theses are that America is great again, both at home and abroad. Donald Trump also praised himself. He put it bluntly – he is the first U.S. president in decades who has not unleashed new wars.

“I stand before you and I am truly proud of what we have accomplished together. This week we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous. I leave this majestic place with a joyful heart and confidence that the best for our country and our children is yet to come. Thank you and farewell. God bless you,” Trump declared.

He has no plans, at least not yet, to be president in the future. True, he promised that he would start a new political movement. And he even hinted – just hours before his term expired, Trump pardoned over 70 people. True, this list did not include Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and former CIA and NSA employee Edward Snowden.