Google apologized for “most obnoxious language”

1 week ago

Google has apologized for the fact that in a search for the words “the most disgusting language in India” the system produced the result “Kannada” – the language used by 40 million people.

Authorities in the state of Karnataka, where most Kannada speakers live, were outraged by this search result.

“The Kannada language has a history of its own and originated as far back as two and a half thousand years ago. All this time it has been the pride of its speakers,” said Kannada Language, Culture and Forestry Minister Aravind Limbali, who said he would file a legal complaint with Google.

Google promptly responded to the situation. The company said that “unexpected search results could be explained by the way the content is described. The company added that the statement about Kannada being “the most disgusting language in India” is incorrect and the relevant search query has already been corrected.