Google faces a 5 billion fine for tracking personal data

11 months ago

A massive lawsuit has been filed against Google against US citizens for a search engine violating user privacy by tracking people even when they view information online in an “incognito mode”. The plaintiffs claim at least $ 5 billion from Google and the owner of Alphabet.

Many Internet users believe that their search history is not tracked when viewed in private mode, but in fact this is not so – the search engine still collects data, although this is not legal. A group of people sued a federal court in San Jose on behalf of “millions” of Google users who have been using the “incognito mode” since June 1, 2016.

*Incognito mode in the Google Chrome browser gives users the ability to search the Internet without saving their activity in the browser or on the device. But visited sites can use tools like Google Analytics. The lawsuit says Google “cannot continue to engage in secret and unauthorized data collection from virtually every American with a computer or phone.”

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