Grammy has published a complete set of rules for the first time in 63 years of history

11 months ago

On June 10, the Grammy Recording Academy website published a complete set of rules for the first time in 63 years of history

The rules are published on the official Grammy website.

Some of the code of rules were considered somewhat strange or interesting.

The best album. To be nominated in this category, the album must have at least five tracks lasting at least 15 minutes. there may be more tracks, but their duration should be no more than 30 minutes.

The academy also noted that, when evaluating the best album, it is important to pay attention specifically to the performance of the tracks, and not to the show created around the album.

Gospel. Grammy distinguishes this direction of music separately, but not only in the style of performance. It is important that the songs express a specific Christian worldview.

New blood. Every year, the Academy searches for new performers who are interesting to the audience. As a rule, 20% of new artists appear annually.

Good behavior. Working in the Grammy committee is only necessary following a set of specific rules. If one of the members behaves incorrectly in the opinion of other members, then they are kicked out and not accepted again.

Criticism. As part of the Grammy, it is forbidden to openly and harshly criticize competitors.

Nominations There may be a different number of nominations annually. They are formed as follows. Applications are submitted to each of the proposed categories. There should be at least 25 and no more than 39. Three nominees in a specific category will later be selected from each category. It is important – if there are less than 25 applicants in the category, it is canceled. If this is repeated for three years – it is canceled altogether.

From year to year at Grammy there have been various incidents regarding the number of nominations. In 2011, they strictly limited the number of nominations, reducing them from 109 to 78. After that, they added six nominations. That is, over the past five years, 84 nominations have been actively operating.

To expand or narrow the number of nominations again, 2/3 of the committee members must vote for the decision.

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