Great Britain introduced personal sanctions against chairman of the UK Alexander Bastrykin

The British Foreign Minister announced the introduction of personal sanctions against citizens of the Russian Federation in the Magnitsky case.

They are introduced as part of the entry into force of the Magnitsky amendment to the law on sanctions and the fight against money laundering, which was adopted by the House of Commons in May 2018 and was supposed to enter into force after the UK left the EU.

Under restrictive measures fell chairman of the UK Alexander Bastrykin, the document says, TASS reports.

Among others, we are talking about the Deputy Prosecutor General Victor Green and a number of high-ranking security officials. In addition, sanctions are imposed on senior Saudi officials who are considered involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Prior to this, the United States, Canada and the Baltic republics imposed sanctions under the Magnitsky Act.