Greta Thunberg on the wire: Russian prankers played the prime minister of Canada

Greta Thunberg on the wire: Russian prankers played the prime minister of Canada

Prominent Russian prankers Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov (Vovan and Lexus) called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and, posing as eco-activist Greta Thunberg, urged him to withdraw the country from NATO.

As noted, the rally lasted about 10 minutes. The prankers posted the recording of the telephone conversation on the Web. It was recorded at the beginning of the year, when Iran shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane.

During the conversation, the prankers on behalf of the Swedish schoolgirl expressed concern about the international situation and the threat of the Third World War. The conversation with Trudeau was conducted by a female voice, which was very similar to the voice of Thunberg.

“Leave NATO. Discard weapons. Collect flowers. Smile to nature, “- called Trudeau prankers. In response to this, Trudeau says that he also dreams of a world where soldiers will not be needed, but “so far we do not live in such a world.”

“You adults behave like children. We can create a world where there is room for everyone. For blacks and whites, for Christians and Muslims, for Trump and Putin, for you and me … For Terrance and Philip, who are famous in your country, ”said the pranksters, referring to the characters from the animated series South Park.

After that, the False Thunberg accused the wife of British Prince Harry Meghan Markle of manipulating her husband, referring to the couple’s decision to move to Canada. She then returns to the characters in the animated series and asks Trudeau to introduce her to them. The politician finally realizes that he is being played and interrupts the telephone conversation.

Earlier, Russian prankers played the American director of the TV series “Twin Peaks” David Lynch, suggesting that he shoot the continuation of the film, in which the role of Laura Palmer will be played by eco-activist Greta Thunberg.