Guess what are the spots on Jupiter?

What are these spots on Jupiter? The largest to the right of the center is the Big Red Spot – a huge storm system discovered 355 years ago by astronomer Giovanni Cassini. It is still unknown why this spot is red.

A beige, ball-like spot on the lower left is one of the largest moons of Jupiter, Europe. The images obtained by Voyager-1 in 1979 confirm the current hypothesis that Europe has a subsurface ocean and is a suitable place to search for extraterrestrial life.

What about the dark spot in the upper right? This is the shadow of another moon of Jupiter, Jo. According to data collected by Voyager 1, Io is so volcanically active that no impact crater can be found on it.

About 43 years ago, the American Voyager-1 spacecraft launched from Earth and began one of the greatest studies of the solar system in history, which continues to this day. Sixteen frames received during the flyby of Jupiter in 1979 were processed and combined into a submitted image.