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Hacked iOS 14 protection

Hacked iOS 14 protection

Hackers managed to bypass the protection of iOS 14 and hack the iPhone with the new version of the OS. This happened less than a week after the beta version of the operating system, reports Lenta with reference to the publication iPhoneHacks.

Hacking became possible thanks to the checkm8 vulnerability, which is associated with the device’s memory. The participants of the checkra1n project showed screenshots of iPhone desktops with the Cydia store installed on them, necessary for downloading software to hacked devices on their Twitter accounts. According to the publication, the jailbreak was installed on the iPhone X released in 2017, which runs on iOS 14 beta.

Journalists noticed that full-fledged software for hacking the new OS of Apple’s smartphones will be released earlier than expected. At the same time, you still have to wait for the release at least until the release of the final version of iOS 14, which is scheduled for autumn. “There is still a lot of work, please follow the news and be patient,” one of the hackers with the nickname DanyL931 specified in his Twitter account.

The publication also noted that at the moment, only the iPhone X and earlier smartphones can be hacked. This is because the checkm8 exploit mentioned affects devices released before 2017. Probably, hackers will have to crack iOS 14 on actual devices through the search for new vulnerabilities.

At the end of May, enthusiasts from the Unc0ver group reported on the release of a jailbreak for any iPhone running iOS 13.5. Hacking became possible with the help of a “zero day vulnerability”. At the same time, earlier, journalists assumed that they managed to get around the protection of the current operating system thanks to the iOS 14 merged into the network.

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