10 months ago

Has the second wave of coronavirus already begun in the USA?

10 months ago

Doctors talked about the second wave striking the United States, as Texas, Florida, California report peaks of new patients with coronavirus.

Experts are not yet sure whether these outbreaks are associated with the removal of the lockdown or mass protests against the death of George Floyd (George Floyd). However, an increasing number of states report an increase in the number of infected, and experts believe that this may be the beginning of the second wave of the epidemic in the country.

2,504 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Wednesday in Texas, the highest rate in one day since the start of the pandemic. Florida broke the record for new patients in the week since the onset of infection – 8553.

Local outbursts have caused alarm among experts, even despite the fact that they are masked by the total number of cases in the country, which at the beginning of this week grew by a little less than 1%.

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