“He can do things that Tom Brady can only dream of” – Patrick Mahomes

There’s a match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set to meet this coming Sunday, October 2, on the 2nd of October in Tampa — quite a surprise given the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian across the western coast of Florida All eyes are focused on watching the Super Bowl LV rematch.

Sharpe’s attention was focused set on the NFL’s quarterback GOAT in order to increase the current superstar of the game. Sharpe has shown the ability of taking his team to the Super Bowl victory in his second full season as the head coach of the Chiefs.

Undisputedhost Undisputedhost stated that on September 29:

“Patrick Mahomes? Really? I don’t think that it is at this moment. Mahomes is by far the most skilled player in the league, and he’s able to do things that Brady would only dream of. Even if he did could only dream, he’d get up. I’m thinking, ‘Man I’m just not capable of doing this right now’.

“I must apologize to Patrick Mahomes. It’s Brady isn’t looking right. Three weeks into his season, Brady is extremely angry constantly. He’s angry constantly. Every time he’s down, he’s dropped a pass or missed play. He’s screaming and shouting. The tablet is thrown more.

“So I can see, you know, late in the season. Come on, guys, we got to get it right.”

Sharpe added:

“And that’s me too I would like to point out that if you examine Tom the way he played last year and where he’s at this year, the completion percentage is lower yards per game. down, yards per try is down.

“He’s only throwing for 224 yards a game, that’s 88 yards down from where it was last year. Mahomes is fourth in QB and Brady is 17th QB this year. Brady’s QBR this year is 48, that’s below average, zero between zero and 150 an average, he under there. Mahomes’ eight touchdowns, one interception, Brady three touchdowns, one interception.”

Patrick Mahomes on why Tom Brady isn’t retiring yet.

Patrick Mahomes has great respect for his fellow quarterback Tom Brady. Mahomes also has a good understanding of the reason why Brady remains in the game at the age of 45. Mahomes explained it in an interview with Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk:

“You know who Tom is doing — he’s performing at high level. That’s probably why it’s difficult for him to sort of let it go because when you’re playing at a high level , you do not want to quit. For me, I’ll make sure that I ensure that my body is in good condition that I can and for when they’re willing to allow me to play and that I’m able to play at a high-level I’ll be playing.”

At this point, Brady’s passion of the game grown so strong that he’s now putting his family’s marriage at risk to never let go. Be assured that Brittany Matthews won’t let Patrick Mahomes accept that part of Brady’s devotion towards the sport.

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