“He saved us”: a man makes 14-hour trips by sea to feed the people of a remote town

12 months ago

An Alaskan was called the savior of his small town for not letting his neighbors starve during the Coronavirus pandemic

Toshua Parker, owner of Icy Strait Wholesale in Gastawus, Alaska, takes weekly 14-hour trips to Costco in Juneau, 50 miles from here, to provide food for his town. Gastawus has about 400 residents. According to Parker, during his weekly flights he buys “almost everything”: milk, butter, meat – for $ 30 thousand. Before the pandemic, 39-year-old Toshua Parker received packages from Costco via the Alaska ferry system. However, the pandemic, along with severe storms that damaged the city dock, caused the ferry to stop working. Parker then bought a 96-foot barge for fear that residents might be left without food – there are no roads to Gastawus except by sea. The journey to and from Juno takes about 14 hours. “It’s worth it, I know who I’m trying for, I see them every day,” said Toshua Parker. He added that he is optimistic about the future, admitting that “we need to adjust to the new norms. “Toshua saved the city,” said the mayor of Gastawus in an interview with Tanks Good News. – I really don’t know what we would do without him.

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