“He Shouldn’t Die”: Police 20 shot the suspect in the back during a chase

11 months ago

In a shocking video from a police camera, police from Salt Lake City (Utah) shoot a 22-year-old guy at least 20 times in the back. According to sources, he was suspected of armed robbery of a strip club and tried to escape from the scene.

Bernardo Palacios-Carbayal was shot dead on May 23 as a result of a police chase. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the guy noticed the officers leaving the motel and rushed to run. “Show me your hands!” One of the policemen yells at him in the video, starting the persecution, and then demands to “drop” a certain object seen in Karbayala’s pocket. After that, the police open fire, shooting the guy in the back, and he falls to the ground. “Show the damn hands,” one of them Karbayale shouts again.

According to authorities, after the incident, a pistol was found next to the suspect’s body – although, judging by the recordings from the body cameras of the officers chasing Karbayalu, he did not try to open fire. “He did not have to be killed. – said the sister of the deceased, Elsa Karina Palacios in an interview – “There was no need to shoot him so many times. He was running, he was just scared. ” Currently, the police who shot at Karbayalu are on administrative leave. Investigation of the incident continues.

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