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“He was in despair”: A Florida nurse who fought the Coronavirus on the front line was found dead

"He was in despair": A Florida nurse who fought the Coronavirus on the front line was found dead

A Florida nurse who fought the coronavirus on the front line was found dead in his car. His family and friends believe the man, who allegedly died of an overdose, could not cope with the stress

Close associates of 32-year-old William Coddington, who worked at the JFK Medical Center in West Palm Beach, say he suffered the death of COVID-19 patients who were admitted to the intensive care unit. “The things that just upset or disturbed others literally kept him from living,” recalls William’s friend Robert Marks. In addition, Coddington, who struggled with drug addiction, could no longer attend the support group because of the pandemic – which was also a major blow to him.

“He wasn’t able to meet with his sponsor. – says William’s mother, Caroline – And none of his friends wanted to see him or even stand next to him because he was working in the hospital”. A few weeks before his death, William began to get more and more locked into himself. He almost stopped talking to his mother, with whom he lived in the same house, and spent most of his time in his room. “He was absorbed in despair,” says Coddington’s friend Sky Alexander.

In mid-April, a man left a Facebook post complaining about a lack of protective equipment in the hospital – and just a few days before his death, William’s mask slipped off his face when he helped intubate the patient. Perhaps that was the last straw.

His loved ones, feeling that Coddington was closing in more and more, tried to spend more time with the man – but nothing helped. “There’s so much need for you right now. You’ll still be fine. – wrote the man’s father, Ronald, in an April 1 message – Please, live long enough to bury me. Don’t make me bury you.” On April 25, a mother who went to find William after a fight found his body in a car near the Deerfield Beach hotel.

According to Ronald’s father, police received security footage showing another car approaching the victim’s car – probably to hand him the drugs. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that it is investigating the incident – but it does not consider it a murder at this time.

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