Hell’s Heat in Canada: Temperature Record Set

The wave of a hellish heat wave, which swept Canada and part of the U.S., led to an increase in temperatures to record levels.

Thus, in the city of Litton British Columbia already which day the temperature reaches 49.5 degrees Celsius. It is noted that this is the highest temperature in the history of Canada.

Hell's Heat in Canada: Temperature Record Set

During the period of abnormal heat waves, since last Friday, more than 230 deaths have been registered in British Columbia. At the moment, it is being clarified whether the heat was the cause of the sudden deaths of residents. At the same time, authorities note that high temperatures are negatively affecting all areas of life.

“We see that this weather can be deadly for vulnerable members of our community, especially the elderly and those with health problems. It is imperative that we check in with each other during this heat wave,” Burnaby officials say.